Monday, August 8, 2016

Sister's Trip Utah 2016

I'm writing this almost 3 4 months later and I wish I would have jotted down some of the details. It was a great trip. I'll try to remember as much as I can.

Another year rolled around and it was once again time for our annual gathering of the sisters in Utah. I flew into Salt Lake City on Wednesday, April 6th. Natalie picked me up at the airport and we went for a morning pastry snack at Gourmandise.

We did a Costco run and then we met up with my friend Susan. Susan and I met in college in 1976. I'm very fortunate that we have stayed in touch all these years. We had a good time hanging out and visiting a candy making supply store. Then we met my sisters and cousins at Mimi's for lunch.

My cousin Russell organized a lunch with Aunt Margaret, her daughters, Jill and Dana and daughter in laws, Donna and Leslie. Along with my sisters, Sue and Becky, we had quite a big group. We had a lot of fun. I'm still trying to locate the photos. Aunt Margaret is one of my Dad's sisters. Of the 7 children there are just Aunt Margaret and Aunt Velois.

After lunch I drove Sue's stick shift car with Becky and Sue and we headed to Nancy's house. For the next couple of days we camped out in the living room. We went into our spring cleaning mode and made the place shine. Emily kept us well fed and stocked up with Creamies. We watched movies, visited, read and stayed up way, way too late! Luckily we had no place to be early in the morning.

There was also some trampoline jumping and an evening trip to the Provo City Center Temple.

Love these things!

Sisters April 2016

Sue and Emily at the temple fountain

Provo City Center Temple
On Saturday morning Natalie picked me up and we dashed to St. George for Avea's baptism. We arrived at the church just in time to change clothes and get seated in the chapel. It was a fun afternoon. After the baptism we ate at Ted and Grace's house. Then Natalie and I checked into our hotel.

Wayne came and picked us up and the three of us went bowling, then to Village Inn for a late night snack. It was fun hanging out with my kids.

Sunday morning Wayne, Andrea and the girls come over to the hotel and we visited for a bit. Wayne and the girls hit up the breakfast buffet. Natalie and I walked around downtown St. George and then drove home to Salt Lake. It was a really quick trip to St. George, but I'm glad we got to be there.

We walked by this cute little building with a pink door.

Avea's baptism.

Aunt Natalie with Amoura
 Sunday night Natalie, Scott and I went out for Italian food at a really small little place that had super good food. For an appetizer we had bubble bread. It was like a pizza crust cooked in a wood fired oven with oil on it. Very good. It was my first night sleeping in their house that they moved into one year ago.
This was an amazing ravioli dish.
Monday I flew home. Then back to work on Tuesday. It was another great trip with family in Utah.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

100% of My Life

I started to post this photo on Facebook but I wasn't sure I needed that many people to know how old I am! I guess I am a little vain. I've been thinking about doing something like this for awhile. I'll do some other items in a pie chart too just for fun.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


And suddenly it's March! Wasn't Christmas just yesterday? I guess not. I'm currently wrapping two baby gifts. The list on my fridge to remind me about the baby gifts is dated July 2015. That's right the babies are now like 8 months old.  About a month ago I actually took back the baby clothes I bought before Christmas and exchanged them for a bigger size.

According to baby growth reports on Facebook, if I can manage to get these gifts delivered tomorrow, the clothes should fit the babies right now! I was waiting till I had time to sew some things to add with the clothes.

Wow, was I ever behind. There are three more babies on the way, I'm going to get a head start now. And when I do buy the baby clothes I'm going to go right ahead and buy bigger sizes.

I seem to be enjoying 2016 so far. In January we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. Then I blinked and February came and went. All 29 days of it. We celebrated Valentine's Day by going out for breakfast the day before. And buying potted daffodils for flowers.

We had a great visit this last weekend from a friend that had moved to Utah a few years ago. After Wally went to bed on Saturday night we stayed up talking until midnight. It was great. On Sunday morning Wally asked me what time I got to bed and I said midnight. His response cracked me up. He said, "you always do that when you have company, stay up late!"  Well, I guess I do.

Also, last weekend was the big Sewing Expo at the Fairgrounds. I found a new craft I'm going to try. Playing with resin, making some jewelry, magnets, experimenting and learning something new. I'm waiting for the weekend to give it a try. I'm very excited about it. I'll post photos, hopefully the items will turn out as great as the pictures I'm creating in my head.

It's been nice to get back into my early morning gym routine. I'm still loving the sauna a few days a week too. Especially in our rainy season right now. Today we even had hail. I do enjoy listening to the rain at night when I'm sleeping.

Happy March!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas and New Year's

Christmas Day 2016

It was really fun having a Santa from Oregon working in Seattle and attending our ward for a few weeks!
With Patty at a church party.

Sunday Morning

Can't get enough of this little cutie, Amoura. She's 1 1/2 now. Had a fun New Year's trip to St. George.

Had so much fun with these grand daughters.

My very first artificial Christmas tree and I loved it. Excited to be able to put it up earlier too.


4 :  an act of will
5 a :  a thing done :  deed
b  :  the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition
c plural :  behavior, conduct actions>
d :  initiative, enterprise action>

You know how some people like to have a catch word for the new year? Sometimes I do that. A couple of weeks ago I was driving in my car, pondering what my word might be. I said to myself I want an action word. And that was it. Action.

Action has different meetings but I like the ones above. An act of will, a thing done, accomplishment. I especially like the part about the accomplishment being done over a period of time.

So that's my word for 2016 - action. If it had a partner word that word would be results or outcome. I think for every action there is an outcome. Whether that outcome be good or bad, it's there.

Kind of makes you think twice before "taking action" doesn't it?

Ways I'm going to take action this year:

Accept more, complain less;
Keep looking forward, less looking backward;
Just do it, less putting it off;
Be brave, less fear;
Service, not selfishness;
Find the need and fill it;
Jump in, don't hesitate;
Make it happen;
and accept the outcome and result with a good attitude.

Action requires planning, action deserves rewards, action is movement, motion, not sitting on the sidelines.

This is the year for action. How about you?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Past

December was a whirlwind. But it was all good and fun preparing for the one day of Christmas. Since I live out of state from most of my family, it means shopping early and shipping gifts. Gifts and candies. I had a lot of fun making chocolate covered salted caramels and mailing them out. If you didn't get any this season, forgive me, there will be more later. I think I made like 600 of them over a period of 2 weeks.

I shipped something like 14 boxes to various family members and friends. Caramels even made their way to a friend in Hawaii this year.

The month was filled with fun holiday church parties, a concert at Benaroya Hall, lunches and gift exchanges at the office and food. Lots of food.

Two days before Christmas we celebrated Gisele's 15th birthday at Grazie's Italian restaurant.

On the day before Christmas Wally and I took a drive up to Snoqualmie Falls. We saw snow along the way. It was cold at the falls but still nice.

Christmas Day we slept in. When we finally got up we opened presents, ate breakfast, made many phone calls to talk with family and grand daughters. In the afternoon Melissa and her family came over for dinner and more gifts to open. It was a nice day.

Saturday I shopped, watched TV and did a lot of nothing. It was a nice relaxing day after.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. On to the New Year! 2016 awaits.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Viva Las Vegas and Washington, Utah

In August I made a trip to Southern Utah to visit my son and his family. I flew down on a Thursday and Andrea and the girls drove to Vegas in the morning to pick me up. We went to the Hershey Store and had lunch in New York, New York hotel.

I remember in the mid 90's flying into Vegas to visit my parents who were living in Southern Utah at the time and I remember having some spare time before flying home. I had gone down to the strip and I remember walking around New York, New York.

After the Hershey Store we went to get burgers in the New York, New York hotel. Then it was off to the Las Vegas Children's Museum for loads of fun. There was dress up, there was climbing, there was inventions, there was water. Something for everyone. As we arrived at the Museum I discovered I had left my credit card at the hotel when we had lunch. I called them and they were holding it for me at security. So after the museum we had to make the trip back to the strip to retrieve my card.

After retrieving my card we made the drive home to St. George. Wayne came home from work and we had a nice evening at home.
On Friday and Saturday we visited Aunt VeLois, got to visit the Superior Threads warehouse store and fabric store, had lunch at Cracker Barrel and had a mega fun shopping trip to Costco. We also had dinner at my daughter in law's parent's home. Wayne and Andrea got to go out to a movie while I watched the girls.

On Sunday Wayne drove us to Vegas where we had lunch at the Rainforest Café inside the MGM Grand Hotel. That was quite a pretty site to see. Vegas was very warm and sunny.

After lunch it was time to go to the airport to head back home. It was a fun, fast weekend visiting the kids.