Sunday, December 15, 2013


Ten days away from Christmas. The house is decorated, the tree is in it's stand in the living room, but it's naked. Tonight it will get it's lights and some decorations. This December has been a whirlwind of busy activity. But I like to say it's all good. And you know it's not the end of the world if the cards are late, or a package someone doesn't even expect to get shows up late.

I'm taking a relaxed attitude this season and I'm enjoying it. I've been taking my camera along with me for a few days looking for the letter "L" and of course I found it in my own backyard. I have a super long list of things that need done, gifts that need wrapped and boxes that need shipped, baking and treat making to complete. But hey, I have 10 more days (minus the shipping time).

To explain why I needed the letter "L", I'm doing some alphabet photography for a friend for Christmas and I'm slowly acquiring my alphabet and didn't have an "L". Here is a picture of it. I think it's great.

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season, taking it all in and enjoying time with friends and family. Here are a few holiday light pictures I captured one day on my way home from work this week from downtown Kent.

Kent Regional Justice Building

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Rachael said...

It's so good to be relaxed this time of year. I love your "L" and I miss Kent!